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Airport Survival: How to Avoid Bumps Before Takeoff

That Grand Canyon Trip is ready to take shape. Flight tickets have been purchased. Hotel booked. You’ve read up extensively on the Do’s and Don’ts on a grand canyon adventure vacation. Grand Canyon Adventure VacationAll that stretches in front of you and a long weekend that includes lazily drifting down the Colorado in a raft is a mere flight ride. But wait a second….is that cabin baggage of yours supposed to make funny beeping noises? Or for that matter should your body? Air travel is not what it used to be and as an inevitable part of your vacation, plays a large role in its success. With increased security measures in place, traveling by air is fast turning out to be a hassle and an almost dampener in some cases. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by wayward incidents at the airport. Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid bumps before you takeoff…on a dream holiday.

  • Full Body Scans: Be prepared to undergo a full body scan. These are now in place at some airports. If you are not comfortable with full body scanners, you can always request a pat down.  But it is good to know that the scanners only outline images and do not render high definition imagery. So keeps those fears of vulnerability aside and set your mind at ease.
  • Check in online before you leave for the airport & print your boarding pass at home. Saves time in queues and gets you the seat of your choice
  • Avoid check-in luggage to the extent that you can – this helps you escape baggage drop lines when you only have cabin luggage. If you do have check-in luggage, pay your fees in advance. It helps save money as well as time, as most budget airlines charge different luggage prices for those bought online and for those at the time of boarding
  • Wear shoes and jackets that can easily be slipped off. This makes for an easier security screening process.
  • Liquids more than 100 mL in volume are not allowed on flights and neither are any sharp objects or lighters. Make sure you do not include any of those banned items in your cabin luggage; else your security check will last longer than required. Go through the list of permissible items in advance to avoid packing these ‘undesirables’ in cabin baggage.
  • All liquids are to be packed in small travel-sized bottles and fit into quart-sized re-sealable bags. Keep in mind that only one such bag is allowed per passenger.
  • Any ammunition or firearms in the check-in baggage needs to be declared explicitly before drop-off. Moreover, firearms are to be unloaded and small ammunition to be packed in packaging specifically designed to carry ammunition
  • Check the Transport Security Administration’s (TSA) website for a list of exceptions and medications that are allowed to be carried in-flight
  • If you intend to carry any gifts for friends or family, it’s best to get them unwrapped, because security officials may choose to unwrap them if they find anything suspicious
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So stay informed and Stay prepared, and ease your way through check-in and security lines.