Grand Canyon Bird

Are Ravens Just Really Big Crows on Steroids?

What a fun question!  If a raven heard you say that he was a crow, even a BIG crow, he would be terribly insulted!  Ravens are extremely intelligent birds and are capable of using tools, planning strategic moves to acquire food or resources, and capable of logical thinking.  Ravens also have an important role in Native American theology and folklore.  Take the time to watch a raven as it goes about its life on the rim.  The raven will watch and observe you right back!!  Read more about the raven when you return home or visit one of our many gift shops for books about the raven.  They are fascinating creatures.

And so, a crow is a crow forever.  And a raven is a magnificent raven evermore.

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Joy Grand Canyon

Joy taught environmental sciences at Southern Vermont College and became active in outdoor land use.  Joy now lives ‘off-the-grid’ near the Grand Canyon on an acreage with solar power, and hauls water for her own needs and for her struggling raised-bed desert garden, dogs, cat, chickens, and Garrett-the-goose. Joy has rafted the Colorado River from Moab to Lake Mead, hiked many of the trails, and stayed at Phantom Ranch several times either by hiking or by mule.  Learning and reading is her passion, and she is constantly learning more about the Grand Canyon.

Joy is well traveled but never found a place that was more well suited for her than the Grand Canyon.  This is her home.  Stop in the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and allow her to share her home with you.