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Grand Canyon News Week of Nov 26, 2018

Arizona state highway closing at Grand Canyon’s North Rim for winter Arizona transportation officials say State Route 67 between Jacob Lake and the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park will close for the snow season next Monday. Source: www.azfamily.com Get the Full Story The Grand Canyon Speed Record Has Fallen. Again. Taylor Nowlin came […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Nov 19, 2018

Prehistoric reptile left tracks at Grand Canyon A Nevada geology professor says he recently identified fossilized tracks from a reptile along a popular trail in Grand Canyon National Park. Source: www.Kgun9.com Get the Full Story How Ida Nilsson Clocked a Grand Canyon R2R2R FKT Ida Nilsson had the trail all to herself when she pushed […]

Sideways Walking Reptile Claims Title for the Oldest Known Footprints Found at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is full of wondrous sights, sounds, and experiences. Everything about the Grand Canyon is filled with history and adventure. Whether that means going back to the wild west, the Jurassic period or a little bit further, information is everywhere. New research has found a set of twenty-eight tiny reptilian, fossilized footprints, embedded […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Nov 12, 2018

Sleep in a tent next to the Grand Canyon at this luxury glamping site If you’re a fan of glamping in cool places, you may be interested to learn that you can sleep in a tent next to the Grand Canyon at a safari-inspired luxury glamping site. Source: www.Lonelyplanet.com Get the Full Story Williams Food […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Nov 5, 2018

Controlled flood of the Grand Canyon begins a four-day exercise on At 11 a.m., it was time for Octavia, 13, to flood the Grand Canyon. She pulled a lever above four empty jet tubes that pointed toward the river. It was heavier than she expected. In the next moment, she turned around, her mouth open […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Oct 29, 2018

Scientists have found a part of the Grand Canyon in Australia, and it could provide answers about how Earth was formed A paper recently published in the journal Geology indicates that “unusual” rocks in Tasmania may actually be part of the Grand Canyon. Source: www.BusinessInsider.com Get the Full Story Grand Canyon National Park returns to […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Oct 22, 2018

Geologists Show Tasmania and the Grand Canyon Were Connected .. Rocks from Arizona’s Unkar Group and Tasmania’s Rocky Cape Group were likely part of the same formation 1.1 billion years ago on the supercontinent Rodinia. Source: www.Motherboard.vice Get the Full Story The Oldest Footprints Have Just Been Discovered In The Grand Canyon And Date Back […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Oct 14, 2018

Museum of Northern Arizona offers admission discount to Grand Canyon visitors Starting this fall, all fulltime Northern Arizona University students can visit the Museum of Northern Arizona just by showing their student id — Grand Canyon visitors will receive a 20 percent discount, too. Source: www.GrandCanyonNews.com Get the Full Story Blind Athlete Achieves Dream: Hiking […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Oct 8, 2018

National Park Service Releases Proposal To Replace Ailing Water Line At Grand Canyon Grand Canyon National Park officials have a plan to fix the leak-prone Transcanyon Water Distribution Pipeline, but it won’t be quick, will impact hikers in the park’s Inner Gorge, could create a 41-acre footprint, and could cost Xanterra Parks & Resorts several […]

Grand Canyon News Week of Oct 1st 2018

Climate change is destroying US national parks at an alarming rate, study finds Climate change could kill most of the park’s iconic trees, wildfires may transform the towering conifer forests at Yellowstone National Park into scarred grasslands, and once-mighty ice sheets in the north will probably melt and flow into the sea, making Glacier National […]

Trail of Time Snapshots Highlights of the Grand Canyon’s Geological History

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly a gorgeous, breathtaking formation. Millions of people visit the Grand Canyon every year. However, anyone who knows anything about geology sees much more than a breathtaking view. Venturing down into the canyon provides an in-depth history of the Earth. It is a highly accessible marvel for geologic reference. Yet, for […]

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is Due to Undergo Seasonal Changes in Mid-October

The summer has come to an end and on October 16th, preparations for winter will officially start. This is the day the North Rim of the Grand Canyon will winterize itself. The Visitor Center, gift shop, campground and entrance stations do not close during this time. Yet, the Grand Canyon Lodge, food services, Canyon Trail […]