Five Reasons Why You Should Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Imagine hovering quietly in the sky at 4000 feet, over 277 miles of spectacular grandeur, almost as if the helicopter herself is scared to breathe, lest she disturb the pristine and breathtaking environment that surrounds you.
Our Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and Grand Canyon Airplane Tours offer you the opportunity to experience all this beauty at affordable prices. Our helicopters are equipped with the latest in ‘quiet’ technology and are manned by expert tour pilots and responsible environmental stewards. What’s more, you can choose from a wide variety of tour packages to customize your flying experience.

But why a helicopter tour you ask? Glad you did. Here are the top 5 reason on why you should not miss out on a helicopter ride the next time you take a Grand Canyon tour.

Bird’s eye view:  You’ve experienced the ‘ground’ realities of the Canyon. Did the hiking, rafting, horse riding and kayaking blow you away? Now take in a whole new perspective and experience the magic of the Grand Canyon from the skies. You’d be amazed to discover the spectacular landscape that lazily sprawls ahead of you, slowly unearthing geological wonders that house a tome of history in their depths. This is the only time that looking down on the canyon will up your ‘awe quotient’ for her.

Beat the crowds: See those crowds thronging the Skywalk? Well, you don’t have to jostle for elbow room anymore. Up in the air, have your own personal view of the Skywalk and the Canyon, and feel like royalty.

Personal Guides: Don’t miss out on narrations due to crowds in the background. Helicopter tours offer superior and personalized in-flight narrations over the headset system. What’s more, the narrations are available in seven to ten languages depending on the tour.

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Super Time Saver: Fly over Las Vegas, experience downtown Vegas and the Las Vegas strip, fly over lake Mead, the Hoover dam, head towards the Grand Canyon, pass above extinct volcanoes, tribal lands, and the majestic Grand Wash Cliffs, catch a glimpse of the famous Skywalk and Guano point, all in 4 hours. How else would you have accomplished packing in these many unique sights if not from the air?

Thrills: Take a 4000 foot descent into the Canyon, Hover over the Hoover, and share the sky with the Skyscrapers on the Las Vegas strip. If that doesn’t bring up your adrenaline levels, then we don’t know what will.