Grand Canyon News You May Have Missed for Week of September 16th 2013

Photo Captures Stunning Grand Canyon Lightning Storm

Using long exposures, photographer Rolf Maeder managed to capture multiple lightning strikes hitting the Grand Canyon under atmospheric stormy skies.
Sometimes an opportunity comes very unexpectedly. On August 30th, Maeder and two friends were driving from Sedona to the Grand Canyon to get some sunset shots.

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Grand Canyon Removing Grass That Attracts Elk
The lawns surrounding hotels and lodges at the Grand Canyon are being removed as part of a plan to keep elk and visitors away from each other. Elk regularly jam up the park’s road, graze on the lawns and can become aggressive, particularly during the fall rutting season.

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Swiss Jetman Conquers the Grand Canyon with a Engine on His Back
A look into how Jetman propels himself into the air and over famous landmarks.

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Arizona Republic Contributor Roger Naylor’s Quest to Hike 1000 Miles
Arizona Republic contributor Roger Naylor is on a quest to hike 1,000 miles in 2013.  Along the way, he hopes to discover new trails and enjoy plenty of burgers and pie.

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Alvarez discusses Grand Canyon shoot with Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone for
Nokia puts a Lumia 1020 into the hands of photographer Stephen Alvarez and sent him on a ten-day trip around the Grand Canyon this past summer, where he shot video and images with the phone.

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48 Hours in Grand Canyon National Park
Park staffers point out that a significant number of visitors simply drive into the park, walk up to the canyon rim, snap a few photos and speed away. Don’t be that tourist. Give yourself 48 hours, and you’ll have the opportunity to examine fascinating exhibits on the region’s impressive human and natural history, embark on a light (or strenuous) hike and feast on local elk and trout in a grand dining room perched on the canyon’s rim.

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The Grand Canyon Three Ways: Mules, Helicopters and Bicycles
A staggering 90 percent of visitors to The Grand Canyon never venture beyond the South Rim. Very much like the time we stopped by with our three kids (one still in diapers and the other two under six) on a crazy cross-country camping adventure. We took a peek over the rim, snapped a shot or two and then got back in the car and left. All in all a successful visit — not a single toddler toddled over the edge.

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Grand Canyon Has a New Taxi Service
It’s totally green and only for off-road touring. Like a New York cabby, these guys have a no-nonsense attitude, occasionally talk back, and are famously stubborn, but the resemblance ends there. The rides have long, pointed ears and four feet.

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Wickham pair trek the Grand Canyon for charity
Mike Willers and Cliff Newman will set off in February for a trek into the Grand Canyon in aid of charity. The journey will take them into the centre of the canyon, through the Havasupai Reservation at its base and then ascending all the way up on the last day of their hike.

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The Canyon Deli has Reenergized Its Tasty Menu

Taking its lead from the Park Service’s “Healthy Parks, Healthy People” program, it now offers healthy items across the board, including an assortment of new menu choices, all at affordable prices.

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