Testimonial: Veteran Grand Canyon Visitors Learn Something New

“My wife and I like to make it out to the Grand Canyon once every couple years. We decided on a one night/2 day trip this time around. When we arrived we first stopped at the Visitors Center, we looked around and then went to the IMAX, which we hadn’t seen before. I’ll tell you, we both really enjoyed it! Out  of all the times I’ve been down to the Grand Canyon, I learned  and saw things that I never had before. The IMAX takes you throughout the entire Canyon, and teaches you the history of the canyon, both aspects we really enjoyed. After the IMAX, we visited some of the overlooks, snapped some photos, had a wonderful dinner, and called it a night. We started day two early, first we went and saw the Bird Show, which was really interesting. We really enjoyed seeing and learning about the Condor and other birds of prey. We followed the bird show with a shuttle ride down to the South Rim, and after this we had lunch and headed out. The most memorable part of this Grand Canyon trip was the IMAX. I can’t describe how amazing it was to see the Canyon in its beauty on the IMAX screen. This trip to the Canyon was definitely even better than we expected, because it seems like every time we visit the Canyon there is something new in store for us!”

-Jimmy Miller, Nevada