Grand Canyon Photo Gallery

The breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is like nothing else you will ever experience. Within its vast expanse and awesome depth, there is an ever changing panorama or color, from the first light of day until the sun sets on the distant horizon, concluding the melodrama until another day.


National Geographic Photo Gallery

This special gallery is intended to provide thru pictures an understanding of the people, history and exploration of the Grand Canyon that is not visible from the rim.

The gallery includes three main subjects:

  • John Wesley Powell, the first white man known to have explored the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon, and whose adventures are celebrated in the film, “Grand Canyon IMAX Movie Discovery & Adventure”.
  • The 1924 U.S. Geological Survey expedition which first mapped the Canyon.
  • The Native American people who have populated Northern Arizona for centuries, and who continue to live and work here – including many of the staff in the theater.
  • Since 1885, the National Geographic Society – of which John Wesley Powell was a founder – has worked to increase the knowledge of geography, different cultures and the world’s natural wonders.

This special National Geographic photo gallery, specially created for the National Geographic Visitor Center, will hopefully add to the enjoyment, knowledge and appreciation of one of the greatest examples of geologic beauty on any continent, and one of the stars in the constellation of U.S. National Parks.

See the actual wooden dories used in filming the John Wesley Powell expedition in ‘Grand Canyon: Discovery & Adventure’, and a gallery of beautiful photos from the film. Have your picture taken on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. Your children will enjoy the variety of interactive exhibits throughout the Visitor Center.


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