What Can You Do At The Grand Canyon?

When visiting the Grand Canyon, adventurers want to experience all that the local area has to offer. The Visitor Center provides information and resources to locate many tours, attractions, shopping, dining and places to visit. Guided Sightseeing Tours: Many guided tours are available to allow guests a chance to see the Canyon in a variety of ways. Choose from a wide selection of tours to keep you entertained and make your adventure the experience of a lifetime. All tours are guided by knowledgeable leaders who can provide detailed information about the area you are visiting.

Interesting Places and Historical Buildings to Visit:

Surrounding the Grand Canyon are buildings that are deeply rooted in the history of the National Park. There are also fabulous structures that have been created by artistic engineers that are interesting to visit along with special areas we think visitors will enjoy. We have listed only a few of them to get you started, however, in the Visitor Center, we have a wider selection. Historic District At Grand Canyon South Rim, built by the Santa Fe Railroad in the early 1900’s. The Train Depot One of the oldest standing wooden Train Depots in the United States. The Grand Canyon Railway – serves as the arrival and departure point for train riding visitors and has a fun tour experience for visitors to take. Lookout Studio Mary Coulter designed the studio to naturally flow with the landscape. One of the many places in the Grand Canyon offering beautiful views for tourists and photographers Hopi House Originally built for tourists to witness Hopi Indian artisans at work. Kolb Studio Features art exhibits from Grand Canyon tribes and artists. Yavapai Museum of Geology Showing beautiful geological models and displays. Shrine of the Ages Chapel Building Now used by multiple groups for various reasons, originally built as an interfaith Chapel, the Shrine of Ages planning began in 1917 and was finally built in the 1970’s.

More Interesting Places and Lookout Points to Visit Around The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery The Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery is the final resting place for pioneers, veterans, tribal members and employees of the National Park Services and US Forest Services. The Cemetery is an active cemetery and has beautiful markers and informative plaques. Powell Point A memorial viewpoint that can be found on the Hermit Rest Route which can be accessed by shuttle buses and hiking only.

Hopi Point Another stop on the Hermit Rest Route, this particular stop is very famous for the beautiful sunset vista view.

Hermit’s Rest Another structural design by Mary Colter, who created Hermit’s Rest to appear to be a part of the local terrain, this location offers a snack bar and gift shop as well as restrooms at the end of the Hermit Rest Route.

Vermilion Cliffs – Marble Canyon Part of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, you can see colors swirl and change in the thousand foot cliffs, with natural orange, red and purple color pigments providing a beautiful and amazing landscape.

Mather Point – On Hermit Rest Road One of the most beautiful lookout points for the Grand Canyon. From this point visitors can view almost ¼ of the entre Grand Canyon. Excellent for Sunset vista viewing.

Lipan Point With great sunset views, Lipan Point allows tourists a way to see the river, colorful canyon walls and amazing vistas.

Desert View and Watchtower Built by Mary Colter in 1932, the Desert View and Watchtower magically appear to blend into the landscape, the tower architecture mimics earlier structures and provides visitors gorgeous viewing of the vistas, The Colorado River, The San Francisco Peaks and the Painted Desert. It also contains a general store, a service station and a restaurant. Inside the structure, Hopi artifacts, petroglyph recreations and many crafts are displayed or are for sale.