Grand Canyon South Rim Self-Guided Driving Tour

An audio guide, map, and tour book — all in one app!

Explore Grand Canyon the way it was meant to be explored! This self-guided tour takes you to all the best vistas, hikes, and attractions along the canyon’s South Rim and tells you the secret history behind this famous landscape. This self-guided driving tour is GPS-enabled and plays automatically when you are near an interesting site. You can tour at your own pace, stop and click pictures, explore spots for as long as you want to, or break for a meal and start off where you left! Over 60 stories will keep you engaged as you drive through one of the world’s most incredible scenery!
All our tours are valid for a lifetime and we recommend purchasing one tour per vehicle so everyone can listen at the same time.
Grand Canyon Action Tour Guide
Grand Canyon Action Tour Guide

Rich Stories

Engaging, entertaining stories narrated by an award-winning artist!

Location Aware

Automatically plays when you approach an interesting site! The tour knows where you are & where you’re going.

At pace

At Your Own Pace

No crowded tours, no set start times, and the freedom to take any breaks you want!