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Incredible Grand Canyon Tours Available

The canyon is home to some of the most incredible tour packages visitors can embark on. Tours provide detailed information about the Grand Canyon National Park and allow you to see the natural beauty and wonder of the canyon while being guided by experts. In addition, experienced guides with in-depth knowledge share the history of the area while showing you artifacts, plant life, wildlife and more. Experience the sunset’s vivid colors during an evening walking tour or jump into an airplane for amazing views of the vistas and plateaus.

Hop on the Grand Canyon Railway Train and enjoy a show of Wild West proportions, including a gunfight and singing actors or take a trip back into the past and ride a mule into the inner recesses of the Grand Canyon and stay at the famous Phantom Ranch.

Dive into the rapids of the Colorado River with a guided rafting trip and stay out among the stars while sitting around a campfire. With such a variety of tours available it can be hard to make a selection.


Pink Jeep Tours

Guided Bus and Jeep Tours allow visitors to enjoy the views, stop at specific locations and get to more distant places faster than by walking alone. Guides of the driving tours have extensive knowledge of the area and can take you places that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. Ride in the comfort of a Coach Bus or jump into a Jeep “Outback” style adventure.

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Canyon Helicopter Tours

Located in Arizona but not too far from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon helicopter tours offer a number of ways for you to explore the amazing landscape in all of its natural beauty.

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Canyon Airplane Tours

Grand Canyon Airlines is believed to be the world’s oldest and most experienced air tour company in continuous operation since 1927. Proudly owned since 1967 by Elling B. Halvorson and Family, Mr. Halvorson has been credited with truly developing and shaping the Grand Canyon Airplane tours industry.

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Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Experience the thrill of a 15.5-mile smooth water float trip down the Colorado River, through Glen Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Ground transport is available to transport guests from their South Rim hotel to Page, Arizona where the guided rafting tour will begin.

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Grand Canyon Secondary Tours Recommendations

Paragon Skydive Grand Canyon Skydiving

Imagine the excitement of a  Tandem Skydive above the Grand Canyon! With incredible views of the Grand Canyon National Park, this is an adventure not to be missed. The free fall where you’ll obtain speeds of up to 220 KPH (124 MPH) and amazing canopy ride back to earth over the Grand Canyon provides an unforgettable experience.

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Western River Expeditions Rafting Tours

Explore the Grand Canyon in an way like no other with Western River Expeditions.  Discovery the hidden treasures of the mighty Colorado River with a variety of Grand Canyon Rafting Trip options.

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Mule and Horseback Riding Tours

The Mule and Horseback Riding Tours are some of the most well-known iconic trips through the Grand Canyon that every visitor should consider. Breathtaking trails and vista stops leave people saying that these tours make memories that last a lifetime. Make your vacation memory now – you can even pack ride to the historical Inner Canyon Phantom Ranch Cabins if you plan far enough in advance.

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River Rafting Tours

Grand Canyon River Rafting Tours are the only way to see some of the isolated beauty of the Park. Hidden waterfalls, overhanging plants and archaeological history are only some of the things you can see while floating down the Colorado River. Trips vary from lifetime adventures of 7 days and short day excursion trips for guests to enjoy slow rafting or white water splashing!

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Railway Tours

From Williams to the National Park, the Grand Canyon Railway offers an absolutely fun ride that includes a Western Style “Shootout” and allows visitors to explore the Canyon for 3 hours before returning back to the depot. Actors tell stories and sing for the passengers while showing off the beautiful views and providing refreshments. The Railway Tour is great for all ages and guests.

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Group Tours

Group Tours and special rates are available for pre-formed groups of 15 or more with advanced reservations. Consider using Group Tours for bringing your entire family on a vacation they will never forget. Group rates are available for church groups and schools. When ready, contact the group sales department with details on your group and your travel plans and we’ll help in your planning.

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