Grand Canyon National Park

Preserving one of only 7 Natural Wonders of the World, we have reached out and touched the stars, but are filled with a sense of wonder at the mysteries of creation. We stand on the rim of Grand Canyon and are awed by the hidden secrets of the earth, not unlike the ancients who have stood thousands of years before us. What unknown forces caused the Colorado River to carve this great chasm? Is it the work of God, or a symphony of nature? Is it the summation of all grandeur, or the grave of the world?

Pre-Pay Entrance Fee Station and Park Information

The National Park Service has Pay Stations located at the South Entrance and East Entrance to The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Frequently there are long lines of vehicles waiting to enter the Park, particularly during the peak tour season. Now that these stations accept credit cards, the waiting time has appreciably decreased. Fast entry into the Park can now be accomplished by paying entry fees at the Official Pay Station located in the Visitor Center. A special entry lane then allows vehicles to circumvent the heavy traffic lanes and to enter the Park with virtually no delay. There is no additional fee for using the Visitor Center Pay Station. Entrance Fees: (7 day pass). US Parks Pass can also be purchased at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX.

  • Private Vehicles – $35.00.
  • Pedestrians/Cyclists – $20.00
  • Local regularly scheduled transit – $8.00 per person. Age 16 and under Free
  • Regional shuttle (within 100 miles distance) – $8.00 per person Age 16 and under Free.
  • Commercial tours: (100 miles or more distance)
  • Vehicles with 1-25 passenger capacity – $8.00 per person Age 16 and under Free.
  • Vehicles with 26+ passenger capacity – $300.00 per vehicle. No discounted fees.
  • Golden Access, Age, Eagle and Park Passports.

For more information on Entrance Fees for the Grand Canyon National Park, click here.

Park Hours

South Rim – Open year-around including holidays. Entrance stations opened 24 hours. The Park’s Visitor Center and many Park facilities open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and off-season 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In-Park Shuttle Buses 3 free South Rim bus routes operate mid-March thru mid-October. You can access to North Rim by private vehicle only.

Park Access through Tusayan Route Shuttle Bus

During the busy seasons, lines are long at the entrance station and parking is difficult to find on the South Rim. Why wait in lines and drive in circles looking for parking when you can park in the gateway community of Tusayan and ride a shuttle bus into the park. No lines, no hassles, no fuss. Park and ride; we’ll be your guide.  Click here for full details including purchase options.

Access to Inner Canyon

The Inner Canyon is accessible by 16 hiking trails, 3 of which are regularly maintained. Permits required. Scheduled mule trips and Colorado River boat trips also available, with reservations required well in advance. Contact Grand Canyon National Park Lodges at (303) 297-2757, or write Xanterra Parks & Resorts®, 6312 South Fiddlers Green Circle, Suite 600N, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.