Grand Canyon South Rim

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most visited locations in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Lodging

A wide variety of lodging is available both on the Park’s property and nearby in Tusayan. From campgrounds to luxurious hotels with panoramic views and rustic cabins, lodging choices at the South Rim are perfect for every family and every budget. Check out our recommended Grand Canyon Hotels.

Grand Hotel Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Tours

Many different types of Grand Canyon tours are ready to whisk adventurers off into the history, geology or nature of the Grand Canyon. Exciting tours just waiting for explorers to embark on an amazing expedition include:

  • Bus and Jeep Tours
  • Railway Tours
  • Helicopter and Airplane Tours
  • Walking and Hiking Tours
  • Mule or Horseback Tours
  • River Rafting Tours
  • Guided History Tours
  • Guided Nature Tours

The South Rim hosts group tours from every part of the world on almost a daily basis and just about everyone who visits is simply awed by the unlimited beauty of nature or the story of Tribes that established civilization along the Colorado River throughout history.

History | Geology | Nature | Science

Many of the tours will provide detailed information about artifacts that have been found – and about the geological history of the Grand Canyon, itself.

  • Artifacts on archaeological digs are on display in the various shops, museum, visitor centers or bookstores.
  • The Park Rangers or tour guides provide fabulous information about the Grand Canyon and have an unlimited wealth of knowledge for guests who want to learn about how Nature carved the canyon or even about the varieties of plant life or wild life.
  • The Grand Canyon is one of the most studied places on earth because of the variations of geology – learn about geology and nature from a guide or a Park Ranger.

Museums & Historical Buildings

Historical buildings are scattered throughout the South Rim and all of them are worth an inspection. Native Tribes have created art and souvenirs that are on show at some of the stores – with the Hopi House Museum being a wealth of information about the Native Hopi Tribes. Many stores and bookstores – like Verkamp’s Visitor Center – house historical information, art galleries, Native Tribal art or Grand Canyon souvenirs for sale – and are also worth stopping in to browse at your leisure.

Hiking or Walking

When planning your hiking or walking trips, take into consideration the weather and the drastic difference between higher elevations and lower elevations – or even from morning to afternoon.

  • If you have any questions about what to wear or carry with you, speak with a guide or a ranger to give you the most reliable information.

Hikes can be short and informative, like the Sunset Viewing hikes – or they can last days with guides to show you the endangered species of plants that only grow in the Grand Canyon area and include overnight camping which may require Backcountry Permits.

Grand Canyon Park Shuttles

There are Shuttles that run through different areas of the Grand Canyon Park – and are provided for your convenience. The Shuttles have various stops on different routes that will allow you to drink in the wondrous views and enjoy the Park to the fullest extent.

  • The Hermit Rest Route is one of the most favored Shuttle Rides
  • Shuttle Rides are great for all ages.

Viewpoints & Photography

Viewpoints are abundant; each one offering a new and more impressive view than the last. Breathtaking scenes of cliffs and the Grand Canyon colors, vistas and plateaus surround visitors coming from all around the world – most tourists bring cameras to record the views to remember their Grand Canyon Vacation. The beautiful Lookout Studio is one of the many fantastic works of architecture at the Grand Canyon South Rim that all visitors should take the time to visit.

  • Lookout Studio was created by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, the famed architect, who built many of the historical buildings of the Grand Canyon, including Hopi House and Hermits Rest.
  • Built in 1914 – Lookout Studio uses the environment and nature around it to create the actual building – while allowing visitors views of the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon and more with high powered telescopes and a gift shop to please every tourist.


A variety of restaurants and snack areas are available from the Visitor Center’s Explorer’s Café – to restaurants within the hotels and snacks available at many of the stores and gift shops. With so much more to experience at the Grand Canyon South Rim – visitors continue to return at their next vacation. As a Natural Wonder of the World and a National Park, the Grand Canyon is one place that everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime.