If you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating way to see the best of the Grand Canyon, then let us guide you to new heights and widen your perspective of some of the most beautiful views in the world. The Grand Entrance, the Grand Deluxe, The Grand Hike, and the Grand Finale tours take you to the most dramatic viewpoints in the Park. All the while your interpretive guide will provide interesting facts about the history, geology, flora, and fauna of this amazing area, ensuring an incredible Grand Canyon experience. All Jeep® tour options include the IMAX movie experience, Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.

Each Pink Jeep Tour comes with a ticket to see the legendary IMAX movie, Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center.

Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tours
Grand Canyon Tours Pink Jeep
Grand Canyon Pink Jeep

The Pink Jeep Tours desk is conveniently located at the National Geographic Visitor Center South Rim. Book your tour and get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Tours include a free ticket to “The Hidden Secrets” film presented in giant screen IMAX. Enjoy an incomparable visual feast, as the splendor of the Grand Canyon is revealed.

Grand Canyon Helicopter and Jeep Tour

For the full Grand Canyon tour experience, we recommend the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Jeep Excursion by Papillon Helicopters and Pink Jeep Tours.  The tour begins from the south rim, just down the road from the visitor center.  You’ll be aboard a helicopter as it takes you over the north rim along the Dragon Corridor. You will witness some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.  Once landed you’ll be taken by jeep to the IMAX Theatre where you’ll see the famous Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets movie and have a chance to check out the National Geographic Visitor Center.  After the movie you’ll take a Pink Jeep Tour through the Grand Canyon National Park.

Includes IMAX movie & Visitor Center stop!

Time: Approximately 3 Hours Price: Adult $260.00 l Child: $240.00


Pink Jeep Tours Grand Entrance

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon or a return visit, your interpretive guide will leave you with an experience of discovery and wonder few will ever know. The history, its dramatic geology, wildlife and the extraordinary landscape of this natural wonder are revealed through stories, facts and legend. We’ll travel along the stunning South Rim, ending at Grandview Point, witnessing some of the most expansive, gorgeous, and magnificent vistas ever experienced!

Time: Approximately 2 Hours Price: Adult $74.00 l Child: $55.00


Pink Jeep Tours Grand Deluxe

Climb aboard The Grand Deluxe tour if you want the total East Rim Drive experience. 

Our experienced tour guides will interpret the indigenous fauna, flora and provide captivating geological and human history. We’ll stop at many prominent vistas, some fairly remote the farther east we go.

At the Desert View Watchtower be sure to look at the murals depicting scenes of Hopi culture.  Then peer down thousands of feet and witness the mighty Colorado River where it curves and heads to the west.  On a clear day you can see over 100 miles!

Time:  Approximately 3 hours  Price:  Adult:  $94.00 | Child:  $70.50

Pink Jeep Tours The Grand Trail

Experience the unending vastness and awesome beauty of the Grand Canyon—on the ground. Your interpretive guide, brimming with facts about the geological formations and the multi-colored rock layers, will walk you along the paved Trail of Time from Yavapai Point to Grand Canyon Village. With ample time to take in the expansive views and ever-changing light, we will stop at Yavapai Point Observatory, Hopi House, filled with exquisite Hopi arts and crafts, and the magnificent El Tovar Lodge.

Time: Approximately 2 Hours Price: Adult $82.00 l Child: $61.50


Pink Jeep Tours The Grand Finale

Could there be a more dramatic place to witness a sunset than at the Grand Canyon? Get the full download on the multi-layered sandstone formations that define the Grand Canyon from your experienced and knowledgeable interpretive guide. As sunset approaches every moment the explosive color palette of the canyon changes as dazzling light dances across giant rock cliffs, shadows envelop entire gorges and canyon walls blaze orange, rust and red. Then sit back and remember these moments forever.

Time: Approximately 2 hours Price: Adult $78.00 l Child: $58.50



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