Support The California Condor,  a project of the Peregrine Fund.

Adopt A CondorPurchase a stuffed conservation critter at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and take it with you to the Canyon, submit your photos and show your support! Proceeds from your purchase will support the California Condor Restoration Program a project of the Peregrine Fund.

Adopt A Condor for only $12.00 and continue to help condors to survive and thrive again. Available in the Store at the Grand Canyon, South Rim. We also can ship a condor to you.  Call 928-638-2468 and we can process your order.

The California Condor was listed as an endangered species in March 1967. Despite intense conservation efforts, the population dwindled to only 22 in 1982. The Peregrine Fund started raising Condors in captivity in 1993 and three years later began releasing them into the wild at the Vermilion Cliffs in Northern Arizona.Today there are 405 living condors including 226 living in the wild and 179 in captivity. Condors are still considered critically endangered. Check out past participants here.

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