Benefits Abound for the Grand Canyon’s Communities Through Tourism

Updated Feb 24, 2020

Tourism is essential for the communities surrounding National Landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon.

However, with all the different people moving in and out of the area at any given time, some wonder if it’s all worth it. Is there a true benefit to the incessant hosting that the communities are subject to?

According to a recent National Park Service report, between the economic flow and job creation, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

Economic Flow

The report that was issued stated that the two-million tourists that visited the Grand Canyon, spent 667-million dollars. That’s only in one year.  Fortunately, the money spent here only cycles into a bigger fortune with the immediate area cashing out at 938-million dollars. However, the ripple effect was even greater as the wealth spread.

According to the report, communities within a sixty-mile radius benefitted with cumulative economic growth surpassing eighteen billion dollars.

Again, that is only within one year of economic growth.

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Job Creation

The other major benefit of having such a high tourism stimulus is the uptick in job creation. Due to need and the available fiscal resources, the communities surrounding the Grand Canyon created ninety-four-hundred jobs.

This increase was able to help local families create a better life for themselves, as well as being able to contribute to the economy.

The availability of jobs allows for more spending and a higher quality of life.  Having more money enables locals to offer more to the tourists, which only makes the community a more appealing place.

To close, the communities surrounding the Grand Canyon is thankful for the tourism, because of the benefits they provide.

It might not always be easy, being on constant display. Yet, the thriving economy and job market certainly help to reward the communities for their efforts.

Click here for more information about this report and other findings.

A new report from the National Park Service showed that Grand Canyon tourists contributed more than $1 billion to the local economy in 2018.

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The report, released Tuesday May 29, 2019, said that 6.3 million visitors to Grand Canyon National Park spent $947 million in communities near the park.

The spending supported almost 13,000 local jobs and had a cumulative benefit of $1.2 billion to the local economy last year.