Cape Royal: Get Rewarded with Views and Solitude

When taking a Grand Canyon vacation, why not try the road less traveled and visit the stunning North Rim? Situated about 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park offers spectacular vistas, a better peek at the inner canyon, and trails along the Colorado River.The North Rim maintains a remote wilderness with scenic hiking trails and impressive vistas – all with a sense of solitude. The Grand Canyon North Rim is perfect for day hikers who can’t wait to roam through meadows filled with wildflowers and dense clusters of spruce and aspen trees. Not to mention an abundance of fresh, crisp air – all under immense, blue skies.

One of the most popular North Rim corridor trails is the Bright Angel Point Trail (0.5 miles). This trail is also popular for mule rides to explore the depths of the Canyon. At 7,900 feet above sea level, Cape Royal affords more scenic overlooks in one of the most spectacular settings in the Grand Canyon. The point offers one of the canyon’s more memorable vistas, including views of the Colorado River.

If you have only a few hours to spend on the North Rim, the short walk to Cape Royal should be at the top of your “must do” list. Visitors who go the extra miles to reach this scenic point will be rewarded with views and solitude.

Start off by parking in the Cape Royal parking lot. Follow the path for a half mile to Angels Window and then to Cape Royal Point. From this rocky point you can see the Colorado River. Cape Royal is one of the best spots for photos of the entire canyon. Stay for the sunset and try to avoid all of the deer you will see at night.

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North Rim’s Point Imperial is lauded as the highest vantage point in the park. At 8,803 feet above sea level, Point Imperial overlooks Marble Canyon.