Don’t Forget to Take the Tusayan Shuttle Bus!

The Grand Canyon National Park is getting more and more popular, and that means that the parking lots can be frustratingly full at times, but don’t let crowded parking slow you down – take the Tusayan shuttle bus!
Lines are long and parking lots are full, but luckily, you don’t need to waste time waiting in line before you can start your Grand Canyon adventure. If you’re on the Grand Canyon South Rim, there’s a better way to gain entrance to the park every year from May 23rd to September 25th. Every 20 minutes between 8 am and 9:45 pm, the Tusayan shuttle bus runs.

So purchase your park pass at the entrance center or one of many local businesses, present it when boarding, and you’re on your way to the park – it’s that simple. Just look for the Purple Route and you’re on your way. The bus makes four stops in Tusayan to pick up additional visitors, and then it’s straight to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center IMAX.
For more information about the Tusayan shuttle bus, planning for a Grand Canyon trip, and gaining admission to the park, call or click today!