Grand Canyon Coffee and Café Moves to More Accessible Location

There are plenty of dining and hospitality destinations around the Grand Canyon, and each and every one of them has some sort of history in the area. From bed and breakfasts that have been a mainstay of the area since the 1800s to homey and beloved restaurants and rest stops near famous locations throughout the park, almost every restaurant, hotel, lodge, and café has a story to tell, and the Grand Canyon Coffee and Café certainly holds true to that, even after a recent change of location.

Garnering overwhelming positive reviews and putting a smile on many, many faces, Williams, Arizona’s very own Grand Canyon Coffee and Café has been an important part of the Grand Canyon experience for many families. One of the lesser-known Grand Canyon tourist attractions, the Coffee and Café sat for years at 125 W. Route 66, serving cuisine from around the world and offering celebrated breakfasts and service.

Moving to a larger and more prominent location, the Coffee and Café has moved into the former location of the Red Garter Bed and Bakery at 137 W. Railroad Avenue, built way back in 1897. This wasn’t a takeover, however, and the move to a new location was actually spurred by John Holst, the owner of Red Garter. He approached the Coffee and Café’s owner, Anna Dick, about moving into the historic building.

Dick spoke very highly of Holst’s upkeep of the building, mentioning that she didn’t have to do much of anything to update the look of the location. A few changes were made to facilitate the former bakery’s transformation into a restaurant, but cosmetically, the location remained largely unchanged. New additions include booths, a new area for waiters and waitresses, and some needed kitchen equipment.

So why the new building? Dick explains that the new location is much more prominent and accessible to tourists, making this one of many Grand Canyon restaurants to choose a more prominent location near the landmark. It appears that the new location is doing the trick as well, because on the restaurant’s grand reopening day, customers swarmed the new location to enjoy the restaurant’s eclectic menu of American, Asian, and Mexican food. Specializing in breakfast items, the Coffee and Café’s menu is surprisingly varied and welcoming to people in the mood for something they may not expect to see on a small Arizona restaurant’s menu. For more information is available at (928) 635-4907.

In addition to the Coffee and Café’s beloved staples, new baked items have been added to the menu thanks to the fact that the Red Garter’s baker is still on-board and working at the new Coffee and Café location. With a cherished and homey atmosphere, universally-praised cuisine, and unbeatable service with a smile, the Coffee and Café will continue to be one of Williams’ most beloved eateries, hopefully for many years to come.

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