Grand Canyon Motorbike Jump

Top 6 Grand Canyon Daredevil Videos

The news that Daredevil Nik Wallenda is planning a Grand Canyon Tightrope walk has us in a daring mood.  We’ve been hunting around on Youtube looking at crazy stunts at the Grand Canyon.  Here is our top 6.  Now, as they always say, don’t attempt these stunts at home.  Or anywhere really…And if you have sensitive ears, best to turn the volume of the videos off.  Daredevils tend to like aggressive music with the odd swear word mixed in.

From Bungee Jumpers, Skateboard Grinders, Riding the Rapids to Mule Riders, Here’s Our SIX Favorite Grand Canyon Youtube Videos:

National  Geographic’s ExploretheCanyon’s Daredevil Edition

#6 Bungee Jump into the Grand Canyon Uploaded by gnardog821 12,507 Views

Grand Canyon Bungee Jumpers

#5 Grand Canyon Mule RideUploaded by Michael DeRosia 21,337 Views

Short video of the descent from South Rim to Phantom Ranch via Bright Angel Trail.

#4 Grand Canyon Major Rapids – Uploaded by brandob9  9,663 Views

First person view of river run through the major rapids of the Grand Canyon

#3 B.A.S.E. Jump_Deep expedition at Grand Canyon Uploaded by pomperfred 2,713 Views

5 days of deep exploration in the Grand Canyon. Doing everything for that 23 seconds of pure adrenaline.

#2 Base Jump Skateboard Grind Uploaded by moleyb 2,654,729 Views

Bob Burnquist jumps off a ramp and grinds on a rail into the Grand Canyon.

#1 Travis Pastrana Jumps Into Grand Canyon Uploaded by bikeboy90 207,753 Views

Motocross Base Jump into the Grand Canyon by Travis Pastrana.

Youtube has come to define the era of online video.  Do you have an all time favorite daredevil Grand Canyon video?  Perhaps something that went down on your family vacation, Grand Canyon hike or tour?  If so, please share it with us.  Visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts.