Grand Canyon National Park Fee Free weekend

Grand Canyon National Park Fee Free Weekends

Travelers wishing to tour the Grand Canyon rejoice, for your trip just got cheaper! On
select days around the year, you can gain entry into the Grand Canyon National Park,
absolutely free. In addition to this, almost 146 other national park service sites or NPS
sites for short, will offer fee-free entry into their premises. So feel free to look up fee-free
weekends for a wonderful time outdoors with the family, that’s heavy on the fun and light
on the fiscals.

What are Fee-Free weekends?

Grand Canyon National Park Fee Free weekendFee free weekends give you absolutely free entry into the Grand Canyon National
Park. This waiver applies to entry fee only and other costs incurred for reservations,
camping, tours, etc. will be borne by you. In addition to this waiver, you can enjoy fantastic concessionals and discounts on specials at top restaurants, retail outlets and seasonal markets. There are also interagency senior and annual passes available at strategic locations for those who wish to purchase them.

Who established Fee-Free?

Fee-free weekends were established by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar in 2009, with a view to providing ‘affordable’ and ‘holistic’ vacations to Americans during times of tough economy. They have been hugely successful since inception, and continue to be a crowd puller. Fee free weekends also allow you to experience the Grand Canyon seasons in all their splendor. It is a veritable winter wonderland here, in the month of January and Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend gives you the perfect excuse to experience it all.

Why Parks?

National parks are a rich resource of culture and heritage, in addition to being ‘green’
zones. They are inexpensive, picturesque and a great way to spend time with the family or to simply soak in the bliss that a solitary sunset or trail offers. There are several activities that the Grand Canyon national park offers. From leisurely picnics, breathtaking views and peaceful trails, to mule & horseback rides, river rafting tours and water sports. There is no limit to recreation.

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When do I mark my calendar?

Get those big fat red markers out, and mark these days – The National Park Service will
be offering fee free days throughout 2012, including January 14 – 16, 2012, April 21 – 29
(National Parks Week), June 9 (Get Outdoors Day), September 29 (National Public Lands Day) and November 10 – 12 (Veterans Day weekend.). So, see you there!