Grand Canyon Things to Do | Grand Canyon Village Hiking

Starting at Grand Canyon Village and heading east and west along the rim, the South Rim Trail is a popular hiking path that is easily accessible.

The South Rim Trail’s westbound portion spans eight miles to Hermit’s Rest while the eastbound section extends 3.7 miles past Mather Point to Pipe Creek Vista.

Both sections are often busy, especially near the heavily visited Grand Canyon Village, and both provide remarkable canyon views.

Each section has different terrain. The eastbound portion is paved, wide and simple to walk. The westbound side is longer, more rugged, and includes lonesome stretches, which is good or bad, depending on whether you prefer solitude or if you like the stir of other hikers.

From Pipe Creek Vista to Grand Canyon Village and Hermit’s Rest, the South Rim Trail leads east and west along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. The west part of the trail parallels Hermit Road.

The 1.4 miles from the village to Maricopa Point is paved and includes one 200-foot climb. The paved portion ends past Maricopa Point. Over the next four miles, a dirt trail passes through a piñon-juniper woodland along the rim with occasional overlooks.

Between the Abyss and Pima Point, the trail becomes a greenway and leads to the canyon. It is recommended to allow between two and three hours to reach Hermit’s Rest from Maricopa Point. It takes around one hour to access Maricopa Point from Grand Canyon Village.

The following distances help you determine how far you have gone and how much further you want to continue:

Trail head to Trailview I: .7 miles
Trailview I to Maricopa Point: .7 miles
Maricopa Point to Powell Point: .5 miles
Powell Point to Hopi Point: .3 miles
Hopi Point to Mohave Point: .8 miles
Mohave Point to the Abyss: 1.1 miles
The Abyss to Pima Point: 2.9 miles
Pima Point to Hermits Rest: 1.1 miles
Hermits Rest from Grand Canyon Village: 8 miles

Heading east on the South Rim Trail, the pathway is smooth and paved, and it connects Grand Canyon Village and Mather Point. The path is actually sidewalk until the village’s east edge and Yavapai Point. Situated 1.75 miles northeast of the village’s historic district, Yavapai Point features a historic observation station with large windows that overlook the canyon.
You can walk another .7 miles from this point to Mather Point on a portion of the park’s greenway trail and then continue to Pipe Creek Vista. The 10-foot-wide, walkway is paved and is mostly within a few feet of the rim and providing changing canyon views.  Shuttles at Mather Point, Yavapai Point, or Pipe Creek Vista are available if you get tired.