How to Take Your Friends & Family to the Grand Canyon

Are you overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Grand Canyon? Does the vast expanse of the canyon want to make you compose a sonnet and share it with the world? Did you stand on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and wonder about the infiniteness of the universe, or did you indulge in a Grand Canyon adventure, and wished that your friends were with you to share in the fun and excitement? Travel has this surprising way of catching us all unawares. Moments turn into memories. Elements turn into easels. And novelty turns into nostalgia.  All in a series of tiny vignettes, waiting to be shared.

Don’t let your joy fade into oblivion. Keep it alive by passing it along. “Joys are truly doubled when shared”, our ancestors did know their stuff when they coined adages. Fortunately for us in the modern age, not only do we have these adages in hand, but several cool means to stay in touch while on the go. Let’s take a gander at ways to share.

Use Facebook: Keep a huge circle of friends always updated on your movements, through Facebook’s easy to use interface.  Change status messages, post pictures, carry out group conversations… You can do it all here. Integrate with smart apps like TripIt & TripAdvisor to automatically integrate travel maps and experiences with Facebook.

Use Twitter: Are you the kind who has the constant need to blurt out something every time you encounter something new?  Crisp, instant and concise, Twitter’s the ideal platform to reach out to your friends.  Twitter also offers several cool apps to make travel tales easier to share. Check out TwtTRIP Twitter App, ArrivedOK Twitter App and Sat2Twitter Twitter App for more cool ways to stay in touch.

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Use Flickr: If you are the camera-toting kinds, with more to show than say to your friends, Flickr is the best platform for you. Upload your latest shots to Flickr and engage your friends in conversation on your photo streams.

Use Text: Texting can be prohibitively expensive while travelling abroad, but there are several applications like Fishtext that are easy on the pocket. Fishtext cuts down your cost by establishing an internet connection to directly text your friends.

Use Email: Have lots on your mind? Emailing is obviously the most personal and flexible mode of communication there is, to share. And best of all, it’s available for free. Take time out from your travel schedule to share your memories with your closest friends.

Get a local SIM card: Take time and invest in a local SIM card. There are several operators who give you a SIM connection that works in most of Europe, while offering affordable call rates; this makes using the same connection across borders possible. In Asia, mobile connections and call rates are extremely affordable, so it is prudent to chip in for a new  connection and stay in touch with all your loved ones without the hassles of getting online every time.