Come to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and interact with an incredible 3D street painting installation. Sponsored by Nature Valley.

Kurt Wenner PortraitMaster artist Kurt Wenner is creating a new work of his world famous 3D pavement art this summer.  Visitors to the Visitor Center are able to interact in the artwork at no charge.

“People often inquire where they can see a 3D installation, so that they may stand on the edge and experience the depth of the art,” says Wenner. “The magic of the art truly comes alive when people interact with the work. I really am happy that it will become possible for more people to interact with this piece, the first permanent illusion to be exhibited in North America.”

Drop by the Visitor Center and interact with the artwork!

Grand Canyon Kurt Wenner 3D Pavement Art

Nature ValleyNature Valley® is the presenting sponsor of Kurt Wenner’s Grand Canyon 3D Pavement Artwork.

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