Maswik Lodge finds its Sweet Spot Selling Fudge to Visitors of the Grand Canyon

The origin of fudge is not completely clear. Much like a popular preference among fudge
lovers, the most widely accepted story is a bit nutty. Many believe that fudge was
created in 1880s when an American candy maker “fudged” a batch of caramels. If this is
to be believed, this must be one of the sweetest mistakes in history.

Regardless, there is nothing mysterious about the way the popular Maswick Lodge Gift
Shop acquired the names for their Grand Canyon Fudge. This gift shop, located within
Grand Canyon Village is becoming renowned for their fudge, by both locals and visitors
alike. and both visitors and locals love it.

“We’re selling about 100 pieces a day,” says Courtney Kauffman, the Retail Lead at
Maswik Lodge Gift Shop. “That’s equivalent to about a quarter-pound per purchase.”
While this might seem like a lot, there is an abundance of flavors to choose from; over
thirty in all, with names that celebrate the areas in and around the Grand Canyon.

According to Aaron Walker, the retail manager for Maswik Lodge Gift Shop, there is
sixteen or seventeen different flavors on display in the shop at any given time.
The names for the fudge were also made up by the loyal staff of the Maswik Lodge Gift
Shop, through a little bit of friendly competition. To find the most prolific and appropriate
names, Xanterra Travel Collection sponsored a contest for employees.

The Fudge-Naming contest that was held earlier this year, with the best name overall
being Harvey Girl Swirl submitted by Julie Chernobieff.

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Of course, there were plenty of other awesome names that made the cut, including;
Canyon Mud by Dalton Bowling, Mule Rider’s Rocky Road by Sara Schumacher,
Colorado River Rush by Luia Castaneda, and Condor Crunch by Craig and Holly
The names are not the only way that Xanterra Travel Collection and employees show
their love for their gorgeous, iconic surroundings.

“…We are so dedicated to the history here,” said Retail Director for Xanterra, Mike

With so many flavors, tending to the pallets of so many different people though, it is
hard to gauge exactly which flavor is the most popular. Even the people who make the
fudge cannot decide, explaining that the favorite flavors vary.

Yet, they can agree that there are a few staples, including the varying Peanut Butter
Chocolates, S’Mores, and the Chocolate Walnut seems to sell quickly.
However, there are at least twenty-six other flavors to choose from. So, make sure you
add a trip to Maswik Lodge Gift Shop to your next Grand Canyon adventure.