Grand Canyon View

Canyon Chronicles | OMSH Road Trip – The Grand Canyon

Go west, life is peaceful there…Go west, in the open air…Go west, where the skies are blue…Go west, this is what we’re gonna do. The Village people did know what they were talking about. And west they went, all through Central Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado to Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. Join Heather L. Sanders and her adventurous family as they take on curious sights, serpentine roads and wanton weather on their extensive road trip through Central and Western America.

Grand Canyon ViewHeather is a web designer, homeschooler and mom to three kids. And it all shows in her blog – creativity, experience, intellect and an incredible sense of humor. What’s more, each stage of their journey is well documented by a series of photographs, which have their own witty captions to boot. The photographs are a series of vignettes, capturing not only an ever changing sequence of landscapes, but also the gamut of emotions that a family road trip brings.

OMSH Road Trip is a great resource for quick and concise reviews of places and attractions. Unlike other blogs which either just skim the surface of a destination or go a little too in depth for reading pleasure, OMSH strikes a perfect balance to pique just the right amount of interest in a prospective traveler.

From the Snowclad Mountains of Utah, hot chocolate springs of Yellowstone, frolicking green waters of Turner Falls, architectural feats of Glen Canyon Dam to the awe inspiring splendor of the Grand Canyon, follow the adventures of Heather, Jeff, Kenny, Meredith and Emelie, as they hit the wide open roads of Central and Western America with an equally open gusto.

Dramatic views from the South and North Rim are captured through eager lenses, with an occasional strike-a-pose moment…or two. Emelie does a Ballerina, Meredith & Kenny do a Tarzan and Heather does a rusty Cowboy, mistaking a wild spiny Agave for a saddle. Tucking in hearty breakfasts, making goofy faces, stopping in awe at the changing skies over a vibrant landscape, starting to pick up the pace on dusty trails, and watching the sun go down…all in a day’s leisure for the Sanders.

Heather felt that a still camera doesn’t really do the Grand Canyon justice, and has graciously uploaded a video chronicling the Canyon. Watch the Canyon now, in motion picture!

So, what’s next on the family explorations? Onto Jerome, Arizona, armed with a favorite board game, fresh new memory cards and a bagful of enthusiasm. Cheeeeraggge…!