Rumble on the Rim: Free Event Celebrating the Native Connection to the Grand Canyon is a Success

The Indigenous people have called the Grand Canyon home for a millennium. While the
Grand Canyon celebrates one-hundred years as a National Park, local tribes added to
the celebration with presenting the “Rumble on the Rim” event.

This awesome display of culture and passion for the beauty that surrounds us focused
on the Indigenous history of the Grand Canyon. The event was held at the South Rim of
Grand Canyon National Park on July 27th, 2019. It was a true gem of an event, with
many educational, cultural, and entertainment authorities coming together to showcase
the essence of the Indigenous voices from the Colorado Plateau.

Speakers and performers at the event included Ed Kabotie & Tha ‘Yoties, The Antelope
Track Dance Group (Hopi), Davona Blackhorse, Havasupai Guardians of Grand
Canyon, Havasupai Youth Ram dancers, Grammy nominee Radmilla Cody, Save the
, Ryon Polequaptewa and World Champion Hoop Dancer Derrick Davis.

To honor their homeland, Rumble on the Rim focused specifically on the history of
Grand Canyon from the unique perspective of the Indigenous people.
This event was a variation from their normal, annual event, Rumble on the Mountain,
which is held in Flagstaff. Due to the centennial, Tewa/Hopi musician and event
organizer, Ed Kabotie, thought it was best to extend their rumble to the Grand Canyon.

“The purpose of all Rumble events is to raise awareness of the plight of the people and
lands of the Colorado Plateau.” Kabotie said in reference to this special event.
True to his word, amidst the presentation of various cultures and entertainment the
program also featured a theme of issues affecting the people and land of the Colorado
Plateau. This year, the tribes chose to talk about the impacts of uranium mining on
Native lands.

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Bringing awareness to these issues, at a time like this, while everyone is appreciating
beauty and culture is important. It really brings together the idea of community and the
responsibility we all have, to respect the area and keep the Grand Canyon beautiful and

In addition to the presentations, educators, and culturists, there were also guest artists
from the Rumble Arts Collective at the rumble, demonstrating and showing their art.

Ultimately, the 2019 Rumble on the Rim was a success. Now, guests of the Grand
Canyon wonder if, like Rumble on the Mountain, this new event will become an annual