RV Safety and Grand Canyon Travel Tips

Traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV) to the Grand Canyon can be cost efficient, comfortable, and convenient. It really highlights the whole “enjoy the journey” mantra! In order to get the most out of your Grand Canyon RV trip, you’ll want to know some tried and true safety tips, as just as important, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered with the right RV insurance in case of a mishap or accident along the way.

RV traveling is fast becoming popular in the U.S. due to the affordability and freedom that this mode of transportation offers. With an approximate 35 million RV owners or renters in the country, there are a significant growing number of baby boomers who are thinking about traveling during their retirement. If you factor in the costs of lodging and food associated with traveling by airplane, train, or automobiles, comparatively, RV traveling can really be an affordable way to go.

Before you head out on your epic journey, you should look up or enable RV specific routes on your GPS so that you don’t come across any surprises and are forced to make detours. You won’t want to eyeball it when trying to decide if you should try your luck fitting your RV under that bridge. If you stay on the specified routes for RVs, it will automatically guide you in the right direction and account for things, such as:

• overhead clearance
• bridges, tolls, weigh stations
• tunnels
• other restrictions, which prohibit propane tanks

Remember that your GPS probably won’t show you weather or road conditions, so be sure to you’re aware of any changes and account for that in your driving.

grand canyon rv trip

Once you’re on the road, you’ll be able to experience one of the most celebrated benefits of RV traveling – its flexibility. You can travel at your own leisure and set the pace for when and where you want to go, and for how long you’d like to stay in one place. Especially if you’re planning to stay in one place for a while, to make the trip more comfortable, you’ll want to pack some things to camp or spend time outside the RV, including:

• fold-up chairs
• portable table
• outdoor carpets or mats
• table cloths
• decorations: wind chimes, streamers, flag (things to make it look homey)
• standing umbrella/tarp/gazebo

You will also want to get RV parking or camping passes in advance.

When trying to decide on RV insurance, you’ll want to be careful to choose reasonable deductible limits, since this is your out-of-pocket expense, and will also directly affect the cost of your premium. Make sure your RV insurance offers some basic coverage on things, such as:

• Vacation Liability
• Emergency Expenses
• Total Loss or Personal Belongings
• Optional, but important: Windshield Repair

Lastly, you may consider renting a RV before you buy one, just to see what size and options you’re comfortable with.

Have you ever vacationed in an RV at the Canyon before? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.