Testimonial: Grand Canyon Sunset and IMAX make for unforgettable Trip

I had not been to the Grand Canyon since I was a baby and my husband had not ever been, plus we had an exchange student from India staying with us, so we decided a trip to the Grand Canyon was in order. We wanted our exchange student to get a taste of an American National Park. We arrived mid-afternoon and immediately hiked along one of the rims. We saw the sunset, which was an absolutely picturesque sight. We could not believe our eyes! After the sunset, we had dinner and retired for the evening.
The next morning we got up, had breakfast, and did a light morning hike. After our hike, we made our way to the Visitors Center, where we were greeted by a very helpful, friendly staff. We went and saw the IMAX film, and the staff even gave us free popcorn, which was a big hit with our exchange student! The IMAX film was unbelievable. We could not imagine how they could possibly film it. The scenes feel like you are literally flying over the Grand Canyon. We also enjoyed learning about the history as well. We purchased a copy of the film for our exchange student to take back to India to show his friends and family.
After the IMAX we went on a few shuttle rides. I found these shuttle rides to be extremely fun and informative. The shuttle drivers answered all of our questions and were very knowledgeable. I found the shuttle system to be extremely organized and I really liked that. You knew where you were going and where you would end up. The most memorable part of this trip was without a doubt two things – first, seeing our exchange student’s reaction when he first saw the Grand Canyon and the sunset was something I’ll never forget! Also, I was just so amazed with how accommodating and organized the entire park service is. This trip definitely exceeded our expectations and we cannot wait to come back!

Jill Brethauer – Gibsonia, Pennsylvania