Two Dogs Rescued Dogs Find New Owner, Home & Adventure

Two abandoned dogs rescued in the middle of the Arizona desert back in 2016 find new owner, home and adventure. Jordan Kahana, found the dogs while driving to Grand Canyon Park and decided to adopt the two (naming them Zeus and Sedona) before road-tripping across America.

According to an interview with ABC News, the trio have even traveled to 35 states, clocking in over 30,000 miles on the road. Kahana documents their travels to national parks and cities across America on social media, like his Instagram, where he calls his canine crew and himself, the “Adventure Squad.”

“Getting to adventure with these guys, doing cross-country road trips, seeing national parks, having dogs with you at all times has just been truly a life-changing experience for me,” Kahana said. “I couldn’t encourage enough for others to adopt as well. I look forward to where our adventures take us.”

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