Will Smith’s Happy Birthday Jump Took Place at the Grand Canyon

Will Smith had an action-packed birthday as he bungeed into the Grand Canyon for charity.

The rapper, actor, and comedian agreed to do the stunt for charity, back in March 2018. Yes Theory, a popular YouTube channel, challenged Smith to bungee jump from a helicopter. Will Smith responded that he would accept the challenge, on the condition that the jump was for charity.

Just like that, the action star became a real-life daredevil, all to help raise awareness and money for Education Cannot Wait. This is a foundation that educates children during emergency situations. The foundation is heavily supported by The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation.

However, even for Will Smith and the support of his own YouTube channel, getting approval took time. The Grand Canyon is alluring and majestic, but it can be dangerous. Therefore, the National Park must be extremely careful what stunts are performed throughout the canyon. It does not matter who is asking; the safety of the tourists and the preservation of the park is paramount. That is why there is a lengthy process for anyone wishing to do anything on the Grand Canyon’s grounds.

That is likely why Will Smith did not ask the Grand Canyon officials. Instead, Smith’s people got in touch with the Navajo Nation tribe. Their reservation encompasses a smaller gorge on the east rim of the Grand Canyon. This is where the stunt will take place.

Yet, that is not to say getting the approval of the tribe is easy. CEO Colin McBeath said, “Our Tribal Council would need to approve any proposal, and that’s a high bar. We want to protect the canyon and the businesses we have worked so hard to establish and grow.”

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To get psyched for the prolific jump, Will Smith decided to give bungee jumping a go. (Yes, this was his first time, which leads people to believe that the Grand Canyon jump will be his second.) Smith jumped Africa’s Victoria Falls’ famous 355-foot waterfall.

The event  live-streamed on Will Smith’s YouTube channel. It was produced professionally, in collaboration with Westbrook Entertainment (Smith’s production company) and Fly on the Wall.  Check it out … Will Smith’s 50th Birthday Grand Canyon jump!