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Grand Canyon View The National Geographic® Visitor Center is the first place to begin planning your vacation to the Grand Canyon. The Center provides year round information on lodging, attractions, exhibits, shopping and tours. Find out what is best to pack for different parts of your trip and what you should wear when hiking, mule riding, river rafting or while on any of the available tours. Be entertained by our interactive exhibits and our IMAX® Film – “Grand Canyon: The Movie”. Talk to local area representatives to learn about other attractions and find fun tours to enhance your complete Park experience. With so much to learn and do at the Visitor Center, guests will find abundant information to make their vacation easier and less stressful.


Camping, Hotels and lodging are available for visitors in the South Rim and other areas. Find lodging for your trip.

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Sometimes knowing what to pack ahead of time can save you problems when getting to your destination. Learn what to pack for activities and weather.

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Discover things to do in the local area.


Take home souvenirs, find extra clothing or gear with local shopping.

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We’ve compiled a list of interesting things to do during your stay at the Grand Canyon.

Things To Do With Kids

Every parent wants to ensure their children have a great time while on vacation, find our suggestions for the younger generation.


The Grand Canyon and surrounding areas have a lot of fun and exciting attractions – check them out!

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We have provided some suggested things for you and your group to do while at the Grand Canyon.

Quick Overview Of The Grand Canyon Experience

Over 4 million people take Grand Canyon Vacations each year, with over 90% of those visiting viewing the National Park, for the first time, from the South Rim entrance. The South Rim of the Canyon has the most dramatic views of the deep inner gorge to the Colorado River. In fact, so many feet have cautiously stepped to the edge of the major overlooks that, in places, the rock has been polished to a shiny smooth surface. Most people come to view the astounding beauty that is the Grand Canyon and end up learning about the natural geology that created the canyon. People explore the rock formations with awe, seeing how nature and science carved the cavern through time and are amazed at the sheer majestic qualities. Guided tours are available to educate even the novice traveler in learning more about Science and Nature or to just drink in the natural wonders that are everywhere the eye can see. From learning about past civilizations while seeing artifacts up close – to spotting indigenous wildlife and plant life – the Grand Canyon has a tremendous amount of experiences available for every visitor. Planning your trip to include all that there is to offer at the Park during the time frame you have available can be a difficult process – which is why we have put together information to assist you in choosing various activities, tours, lodging, dining and more.

Important Park Information

Headquarters P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023. Phone (928) 638-7888. Fax (928) 638-7797. Seasons & Accessibility The South Rim is open year-round. The North Rim is closed to vehicles from October to May. Weather and Road Information For weather and road information, call (928) 638 7888. Visitor & Information Centers The South Rim National Geographic® Visitor Center in Grand Canyon Village is open all year. Call (928) 638-7888. The North Rim Contact Station is open mid-October through mid-May. Call (928)638-7864. Entrance Fee $25 per car per week. Grand Canyon Overlook Pets Pets are allowed when leashed, on rim trails, but on the South Rim pets are not permitted below the rim area. For your convenience kennels are available; Call (928)638-2631. Facilities for Disabled Guests The National Geographic® Visitor Center is wheelchair accessible. The West Rim Drive is open to vehicles carrying disabled persons with permits. Special Advisory Be very careful near the rim; protective barriers are intermittent. Guests are expected to be aware of dangerous cliff edges and to act accordingly. Guests are also asked to refrain from feeding wildlife animals as their behavior can be unpredictable. Overnight Backpacking Permits are needed. More Information is available on our Back-Country Permits page. Back-country Office, P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023. (928) 638-7875.



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