5 Arizona Drives to Soothe the Adventurous Spirit

Driving often provides a different experience for each person. Some people love to drive. They find it relaxing, exciting, or just convenient. After all, there is nothing else like having control over a vehicle as you explore the roads around you.

Thus, for people who garner peace from the open road, Arizona provides the perfect landscape. Here are five of the most scenic drives throughout Arizona, guaranteed to entrance the adventurer:

Apache Trail

The Apache Trail, which is well-known for having multiple adventures along its seventeen-mile track. Also known as Highway 88, many of the stops throughout this trail attract an array of different travelers. For the nature type, the Lost Dutchman State Park offers an exclusive view of the surrounding ecosystem. The history buffs will love the Goldfield Ghost Town. Finally, the paranormal enthusiasts will love venturing through the Superstition Mountains. It is said that the Lost Dutchman’s treasure is still hidden somewhere throughout the mountainous terrain.

Grand Canyon/Kaibab Plateau

The nature adventurer will love the forty-three-mile drive that visits both the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Kaibab Plateau. Also known as Highway 67, this trek offers gorgeous desert views and forest-laden trails. Plus, if you are feeling extra adventurous, take a hike through the Zion National Park. This park is just north of the Grand Canyon, located in Utah.

Oak Creek Canyon/Red Rocks

The forty-seven-mile drive from Cottonwood to Flagstaff, along Highway 89A, is the perfect route to see the best of Sedona. The famous red rocks are astounding in-person and Oak Creek is considered one of the Best watering holes in America. This trip is a beautiful, scenic trip through the desert.

Route 66

It would likely be difficult to find a traveler in the United States that has yet to hear of the famous Route 66. The iconic road, that travels from Chicago to Los Angeles. In addition to its fame, the road is also ripe with attractions that are sure to ramp up your trip out west. One of the most notable cites Route 66 drives through is Flagstaff. This gives travelers a telling insight into the best that Arizona has to offer.

Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park

Only a thirty-minute drive out of Tuscan, Arizona provides travelers access to a gorgeous array of cacti and desert landscape. The trails at both of these parks are great for hiking and exploring. Plus, when you want to take a break from being out in the desert, you can stop in-between the parks, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.