Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail North Rim

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. – Heads up, Grand Canyon visitors! Starting Friday, June 21, the Bright Angel Point Trail on the North Rim (not to be confused with south rim trail entrance) will be closed for some much-needed repairs. This closure is essential to ensure the safety of both the staff and visitors during the extensive work on the trail.

For the safety of everyone, the trail will be off-limits to all pedestrians while the National Park Service (NPS) team works on replacing the asphalt, moving large rocks, and using heavy equipment in the area. Remember, it’s crucial to stick to designated trails and never try to bypass a closure.

The repair work is expected to wrap up by November 2024, but keep in mind that the schedule might change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. To stay updated on the latest trail conditions, visit the park’s website at or check in at the Roaring Springs Overlook Kiosk.

The Bright Angel Point Trail, located just a quarter-mile from the Grand Canyon Lodge, is often the first stunning viewpoint visitors experience when they arrive at the North Rim. While this trail is being fixed up, you can still enjoy other beautiful spots along the Transept Trail and North Rim Scenic Roads, which will remain open throughout the project.