Grand Canyon View

5 Best Grand Canyon Videos to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Updated Feb 24, 2020

Live vicariously through these visual masterpieces & explore the canyon from the comfort of your living room. Dive into the scarlet depths of the Grand Canyon, follow the serpentine Colorado River and take off on aerial extravaganzas through these well documented and informative videos. Click away and fuel your Grand Canyon wanderlust, designed to move you to take that Grand Canyon trip that has always been waiting in the wings.

Grand Canyon National Park

Take a look at nature’s chisel hard at work. Sculpting away eons of rock to give rise to one of the world best loved splendors – The Grand Canyon. This hour long documentary takes you through different perspectives – sometimes offering a bird’s eye view of the Canyon, sometimes swooping into its fiery depths, and at other times just coasting along the Colorado river. If you like classic documentaries, then this is it. Complete with panoramic sunrises and sunsets, designed to get that latent inner photographer out. Capture changing seasons, catch a mule ride along the canyon and just give into timelessness. It is a visual treat.

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American Wonders – Documentary

This is a great classic featuring some of America’s best west wilderness spots in all their pristine glory. From the Grand Tetons of Yellowstone, Californian awe inspiring treasures Yosemite and Big Sur to the spell bindingly and enigmatic Grand Canyon, this is a concise yet comprehensive video journey that is sure to leave you asking for more. Though not exhaustively informative, this well edited chronicle gives you just the right amount of visual stimulus needed to get those bags packing and get journey hopping.

Best Grand Canyon View in Arizona 2011 – Grand Canyon Skywalk

Which is the most popular Grand Canyon View? Why, from the Skywalk of course. This is not just a mere viewpoint but a real architectural & engineering marvel. What goes into making such a precise horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge that stands proudly at an elevation of 4,770 ft? Calculating surrounding red limestone thresholds, which could stand up to 16,000 pounds of pressure, how far from the canyon rim should the structure extend, and resistance to high winds notoriously found in the Canyon, are just a few of the factors which went into its construction. Know all this and more in this short, visually and informatively appealing video.

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Grand Canyon Visitor Center

We couldn’t help but throw this one into the mix. Check out this promotional video for the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Includes clips from the IMAX movie and some footage within the center. Sorry, a little self promotion here!

– Amazing Flight Over The Grand Canyon

If you are still not convinced to take a Grand Canyon tour, just take a look at this short clip. Sample a series of simple aerial vignettes over different parts of the Canyon. Gaping gorges, bubbling brooks, white waters, rusty reds, manmade marvels, ominous overhangs and a journey you will never forget, all in the course of 6 minutes.

Earlier this year, a near-fall at the Grand Canyon caught on video is a shocking reminder of safety procedures. Now, these are the type of videos that we don’t want to see.  At least 64 deaths have been recorded at the Grand Canyon since it was established 200 years ago. Please be safe when videoing your Grand Canyon experience.

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