Visitor Center

Expect Big Traffic Changes at the Canyon Starting Sun Feb 4th 2018

ATTENTION: If you’re planning on traveling around the Grand Canyon, expect big traffic changes that your GPS won’t tell you about. Starting on Sunday, February 4th 2018, there will be some impactful road changes that will affect how you get around to the Visitor Center, General Store, and Historic Village near Desert View that will last throughout the year. Make note of the following changes so you can plan accordingly.

  1. Coming towards the main visitor center from Desert View cars will be required to turn left – head towards Center Rd where they will turn right – then right on Market Plaza (so like Doc(from Cars) says turn left to go right)

Desert View Detour Map

  1. Market Plaza will now become the through road to get to the Visitor Center. Zuni(the current bypass will be closed) so all traffic will be directed through the parking lot in front of the General Store. There will be more limited parking.

Market Plaza Detour Map

  1. To reach the Historic Village cars will be directed down Center past the school zone. Cars will then be directed towards Maswik Lodge to the left and then towards Bright Angel – so basically a reverse loop.

Village Detour Map

The good news is the Tusayan Shuttle will begin on March 1st and runs through September 30th.