August and September Host 32nd Grand Canyon Music Festival

grand canyon music festival aug and septIt’s hard to say “no” to any one of the Grand Canyon’s many musical events, and it might just be impossible to resist attending the 32nd Grand Canyon Music Festival. Featuring bands from all across the country, the festival will bring together the best of Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico in musical harmony that the whole family can enjoy.

Kicking off the festival will be the appropriately-named string quartet Catalyst, but there’s much more in store over the event’s 8 days of music. Those days are…

August 28th-29th: Catalyst (7:30 pm)
September 3rd: The Grand Canyon School of Rock (4:00 pm), the Bonfiglio Group (7:30 pm)
September 4th-5th: Sweet Plantain (7:30 pm)
September 6th: Native American Composer Apprentice Project (4:00 pm)
September 11th-12th: Family and Friends (7:30 pm)
All events will take place at the Shrine of the Ages located at the Grand Canyon National Park on the Grand Canyon South Rim.

Tickets for all performances are $8 for children and locals (with ID) and $15 for adults.
More information can be found at the festival’s official website,