Native American Heritage Day begins August 6th!

To celebrate the rich cultural history of the Native American tribes of the Colorado Plateau and the Arizona Strip, the Grand Canyon National Park will be hosting its 22nd Native American Heritage Day on the North Rim of the park.

Opening on August 6th and continuing to August 7th, the event will consist of day-long celebrations and educational opportunities to engage in Native American culture. See demonstrations of Native American arts and crafts including pottery, basket weaving, flute making, silversmithing, painting, and the preparation of traditional meals.

This event has been growing for 22 years and now invites 11 tribes of Native Americans to share their heritage and their unique skills and arts.

Ending the event will be an 8:00 pm program on August 7th that will examine the Native American’s appreciation for the Grand Canyon and the significance the landmark holds in their culture.

More information on Native American Heritage Day is available from Grand Canyon National Park District Interpretive Ranger Mandi Toy at (928) 638-7739.