Fire at Grand Canyon North is Costing $10 Million

A wildfire that is burning at Grand Canyon North Rim for over a month has surpassed what fire managers thought it would cost.

The fire which started on June 29th 2016, is costing almost $10 million to manage, The Arizona Daily Sun reported ( The fire has burned close to 23 square miles.

The fire cost $9.8 million so far or about $700 per acre, which is well above the average cost of $70 per acre.

Fire officials have allowed the fire to burn naturally, but they’re managing the size of it. The fire was expected to burn at a small ferocity for a number of weeks. However, the hot and windy days in July caused the fire to escalate. Fire managers closed Cape Royal and Point Imperial road as a result.

Although the fire getting bigger than anticipated, fire troops haven’t had to do any sizable elimnation efforts.