Grand Canyon

From Obama Touting Tourism to The Oldest Building on the South Rim, Here’s What You Might Have Missed This Week

It’s Friday!  We hope you have a fantastic weekend, but first, have a look at our roundup of this week’s Top Tweets.

kim woozy @MAHFIAboss

7.  the #grandcanyon is quite grand

6.  Kiyaa’aanii DUDE @tRoYGold2th

#grand_canyon #arizona telescope view #southrim

5.  DiscoveringHighLife @DiscHighLifeTV

Great! RT @azhighways: The view from my cabin window on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s a gorgeous day…

4.  LMR @LindsyR

Photos/Story from our trip to the Grand Canyon

3.  Protect Grand Canyon @SC_GrandCanyon

Obama: International tourism (like to Grand Canyon!) boosts economy – invest in our future by investing in tourism!

2.  Bert @ValleyFriends

Google touts improved images in Earth 6.2: An image of the Grand Canyon from Google Earth. ((Courtesy Google))

1.  NBC Bay Area @nbcbayarea

The oldest building on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, formerly closed for four decades, reopens for guests.

Let’s see it: What tweets were you reading this week? Post your favorites below!