The Grand Canyon Will Help You Discover Relatives You Never Knew You Had

Living near a landmark or tourist attraction would seem appealing at first glance. You have a fabulous place such as the famous Hollywood sign or the Grand Canyon National Park to impress your friends with. Besides, there’s the economic advantage: Tourists spend money and drive the local economy through the roof. Plus, it’s always easy to explain to people where you live. On closer assessment, however, living near a site that visitors might regard as “cool” can be a mixed blessing, with noise, more traffic, tourists, litter, and the always visiting relatives.

Grand Canyon PictureMost Grand Canyon visitors come for the great view, but some claim they come for the relatives. It’s a concept easily understood by those who happen to live near the national park.  The news of a relative living on the edge of a mountain paradise can be a powerful lure indeed.

Many people living near such a desirable location soon discover that the location puts them back in touch with both friends and kin they hadn’t heard from in years—along with a few they can’t really place when they arrive at the door. My guess, it’s probably some cousin “twice removed.” One of these days it can be all sorted out.

While those spontaneous visits give the chance for some family bonding and team building, one must be prepared to do the one-hour, one-day, and perhaps one-week guided Grand Canyon tours for their guests.

While making yourself at home at your cousin’s house is a good thing, visitors should be careful not to become intrusive. Suggesting a space to store belongings is not bad, as long as your friend or relative agrees. Then try to keep your luggage, clothing and other items neatly together in one area.

Be appreciative and willing to help out with meal preparation, clean up, and other efforts so your host will be able to enjoy the visit. Before you leave, a nice gesture is to offer to take your host and his or her family out for a meal, your treat, as a way of saying thank you.

These tips should help you relax as well as ensure that you’ll be invited back when it’s time for another fabulous Grand Canyon South Rim vacation.