Grand Canyon IMAX® Movie Still

Grand Canyon Movie “IMAX Theater”

What makes us go to the movies? Is it the pleasurable escape from reality? The need to be entertained? Or simply the need to view vistas through larger-than-life glasses? How about all of them? Grand Canyon IMAX® Movie StillThat’s what the IMAX experience gives you – Riveting visuals, edge of the seat entertainment and a viewing pleasure magnified by 4500. Oh, and did I mention that it’s highly educational as well? That’s pure edutainment for you.

The Visitor Center IMAX® Theater’s tagline in the Grand Canyon promises the most Spectacular IMAX® Adventure of All. And it doesn’t fail to deliver. With a giant six story movie screen, and over 12,000 watts of digital surround sound, this is the next best thing experiencing the real thing. The historical theater is a huge Grand Canyon attraction and has been playing host to “Grand Canyon – The Movie” to guests every single day – 12 shows a day, 365 days a year for over 20 years; it continues to draw in huge crowds to this day.

Dive into the formidable Canyon depths, follow the Colorado’s serpentine and alluring course, discover the mystery behind the Anasazi, and fly over craggy promontories into a vermillion sunset. This is one experience you should NOT miss while on a Grand Canyon Tour.

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