Grand Canyon National Park is Need of Volunteers for 2016 Earth Day

Spring is in the air, bringing lots opportunities for us to delve into the natural gift of our own back yard. For many, this means it’s the ideal time to visit a bonafide beauty – The Grand Canyon National Park. It’s the nation’s most active park, bringing millions of visitors each year. There’s a catalog of recreational activities to choose from like hiking, river rafting, horseback riding,  to mule riding and exciting Grand Canyon tours, with many ways to spend a few splendid hours or a few breathtaking days.

Grand Canyon park will celebrate the 46th anniversary of Earth Day with an open house style celebration from 10am until 2pm April 22nd 2016 at the Visitor Center Plaza.  Activities will focus on water related topics, including water conservation, water quality and From April 19 –21, the park will celebrate Earth Day with fun and encouraging folks to develop a broader understanding of this resource. The Canyon’s Green Team will host the event and looking for 10 volunteers to participate.  If you’re interested in participating, you’re  invited to complete the information sheet and submit it to the contact listed on the form by Friday, March 18th 2016.  You can also submit the form electronically or via mail; however, all forms must be received by March 18th.  All submitted forms will be evaluated and all applicants will be notified by April 8th 2016.

Grand Canyon’s Green Team is made up of employees from various National Park Service divisions, park concessioners and park partners working to increase awareness and level of environmental stewardship within the Grand Canyon community.  To learn more about Earth Day, please contact Green Team member Pamela Edwards at 928-638-7713 or via email.