Grand Canyon News: Week of May 25th 2015

River Rafters Discover Wreckage of Aircraft in Grand Canyon
Authorities have recovered the wreckage of a small aircraft that crashed in the Grand Canyon
Source: ABC News
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In Search of the Mojave Desert Tortoise
Mojave Desert tortoises,earned themselves a place on the endangered species list as a threatened species.
Source: Grand Canyon News
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Mapping the Grand Canyon’s Gruesome Legacy of Death
More than 700 people have perished in the yawning crevice—here’s where and how.
Source: CityLab
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Zedd and 50 Fans Visit Grand Canyon to Listen to New Track
Musician Anton Zaslavski, better known by his stage name Zedd, paid for 50 fans to enjoy the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park.
Source: MTV News
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Four Days, Two Stages, and Award-Winning Ribs in Roc City
Everybody is looking forward to all of the fun activities throughout the Memorial Day Weekend at the Rock City Rib Fest.
Source: Democrat & Chronicle
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