Zedd and 50 Fans Visit Grand Canyon to Listen to New Track

It’s not unusual for artists to seek out the right setting for their work to be unveiled, but superstar electronic musician Zedd went in a new direction to promote True Colors, his newest and most ambitious album. That direction was directly towards the Grand Canyon.

50 fans were given the opportunity to fly out to the Grand Canyon National Park with Zedd and experience a preview of “Done With Love”, a song that Zedd feels is his most technically impressive and advanced feat yet. So why fly all the way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon? Because for Zedd, the environment in which you experience music is just as important as the music itself.

Zedd and his entourage didn’t hop off of the helicopters and immediately press play, however. The fortunate fans that joined Zedd were first tasked with a scavenger hunt that eventually led to a secret location where Zedd himself waited to introduce and premier his newest music.

So why did Zedd choose the Grand Canyon over all of the other wonders of the world? “I wanted it to be the most epic event, and the Grand Canyon is the most epic event. It’s the most epic event we could think of.”

True Colors will arrive on shelves May 18th.