Four Days, Two Stages, and Award-Winning Ribs in Roc City

It may be a couple dozen hours away from the Grand Canyon National Park, but Genesee Valley Park’s Roc City Rib Fest caught our attention twofold thanks to a combination of finely seasoned ribs and local music.

If you’re anywhere near Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY, prepare for four days of great food, one-of-a-kind local musicians, and patriotism as families, food trucks, and more come together in this beautiful outdoor setting.

The event is four days long, starting on Friday May 22nd at 5:30 p.m. and continuing throughout Memorial Day Weekend. At that time, the first band of the four-day two-stage party, Spacelords, will play their first notes. The second stage’s first show will start at 6:30 that afternoon with Grand Canyon Rescue Episode (great name, by the way!). All things considered, there will be almost two dozen musical performances during this event, so get excited!

Admission will only be $5 per day, but if you’re planning on attending three days or more, you can save money with a $10 weekend pass. Kids under 12 are admitted free of charge, and there will be free parking available at the University of Rochester’s parking lot. For more information, check out the Roc City Rib Fest’s website at