Grand Canyon News Week of Sept 1st 2014

Think hard before you build that Grand Canyon resort
The proposal to build a resort with an elaborate cable-gondola system has to be seen in the larger context. It is about much, much more than economic development on the Navajo Reservation.

Source: AZ Central
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Organized Rim to Rim Hiking Groups in the Grand Canyon Now Need Permits
In the past, taking a group of friends or coworkers out on a Grand Canyon hike was simple and only cost expenses, but due to overcrowding and extreme behaviors during the park’s most crowded seasons, that won’t be true for much longer.

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Grand Canyon ranger a crusader against light pollution
It was a Friday afternoon in June, and Laura Williams was at work. She withdrew a Panasonic Toughpad, a clipboard and a blue plastic spectrometer from her backpack and walked up to a light pole on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

AZ Central
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Grand Canyon Debt Could Cause Cuts
We all know the Grand Canyon as a place of breathtaking beauty. It also offers a slew of environmental, educational and science programs. In coming months though park officials are making widespread cuts to those programs. And it’s not due to federal funding cutbacks this time. It’s something much more complicated.

Source: Fronteras
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