Grand Canyon News You May Have Missed Week of February 3rd 2014

Obama Backs Grand Canyon Repayment but Wants Congress Ok
The Obama administration supports reimbursing Arizona for the costs it incurred for opening the Grand Canyon during October’s federal shutdown.

Source: Phoenix Bix Journal
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Grand Canyon Trails to Benefit From $1M Donation
Trails that take visitors to the depths of the Grand Canyon, along the Colorado River and into backcountry wilderness will benefit from a donation provided by Arizona’s largest public utility.

Source: ABC News
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Hualapai Shelves Upriver Trips in Grand Canyon
The Hualapai tribe has shelved a plan to run rafting trips upriver in the Grand Canyon after it ran afoul of the National Park Service.

Source: ABC News
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FAA Allows Additional Flights Over Grand Canyon for ‘Quiet’ Aircraft
The Federal Aviation Administration said it will allow 1,721 additional flights through Grand Canyon National Park this year, with one catch: The tour flights will have to use quiet-aircraft technology.

Source: Grand Canyon News
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Groups Want Action to Curb Air Pollution at Grand Canyon
Air pollution from Navajo Generating Station has plagued the Grand Canyon for decades — the national landmark is 12 miles from the coal-fired power plant.

Source: Wisconsin Gazette
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Reconnect & Rejuvenate: Girls on the Go to Arizona
All-girl getaways are great for reconnecting, rejuvenating, and forging new bonds.

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Arizona: Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and stay overnight
There’s a lot more to the Grand Canyon than can be seen from the top.

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Source: LA Times
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APS Gives $1 Million for Grand Canyon Renovation
Arizona Public Service Co. is giving $1 million to the Grand Canyon Association – a non-profit organization that works to raise money for Grand Canyon National Park – to help spruce up the park’s trail system.

Source: Arizona News
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