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Grand Canyon Photo Caption Contest

Leave a comment with a caption of what this squirrel is thinking for a chance to win a Visitor Center prize pack!

We were so inspired by all the great photos coming in through our “Almost Famous” contributors that we decided to put together a fun little photo caption contest.  In particular, Elaine Tremblay sent us a photo that was screaming for a witty caption.  Check out the photo above and suggest what the squirrel was thinking at the moment of image capture. Leave it in the comment section of this web page and have your friends check it out and “like” your comment. The comments with the most likes will be reviewed and a winner will be proclaimed by our highly esteemed panel of judges! Contest:  Come up with a witty/funny/profound caption for the Grand Canyon Squirrel image.  The highest rated captions will be reviewed and a winner will be proclaimed. Prizes: The prize pack includes a Grand Canyon Airlines gift certificate (must be used in 2012), a IMAX “Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time” DVD and Visitor Center Store prize pack valued at $50.  Total prize pack: $350. Rules & Regulations: Captions should not include profanity or derogatory comments. Captions must be in English. (This squirrel only speaks English.) Contest runs from August 14 – September 5th, 2012.  Winner will be contacted via email address provided. If there is no response after 3 email attempts, the prize pack will be given to a runner up. Prize pack will be sent via Fedex to an address provided.  The prize pack must be accepted as is and has no cash value. Please note, your comment will not be immediately viewable.  We are moderating comments and not publishing anything indecent. Check back frequently as we will be reviewing comments shortly after receiving. CONTEST CLOSED

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  1. Robert H says:

    This year’s Presidential campaign almost makes me feel like jumping. On second thought, maybe I should just go to Washington and gather up all of the nuts, I’ll be set for LIFE!!!!

  2. Lisa North says:

    You don’t know me or what I’m thinking! I may be as you call me a “squirrel” but I am now actually feeling small and insignificant in the face of such vastness, not thinking about nuts at all thank you very much!

  3. alanna says:

    I am thinking about where to store my nuts for the fall and upcoming winter. I just had a great idea. I think I’ll squirrel on over to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida and the head on over to the Democratic National convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Me thinks I found two great places to store my nuts where they will not be all alone. Smile

  4. Barbara Janiak says:

    hmm if there’s a possible peanut on every ledge then there should be a squirrel for every ledge–I call upon my friend squirrels- FiFi, Giorgio! UNITE

  5. James Fahrenholtz says:

    Not Bad. Fifteen pounds of primo cashews to pose for two minutes while Mr. Nat Geo takes my pic. And then some nerdos guess what I’m thinking. I’m thinking, “Sucker!”

  6. Doug Marcoux says:

    “What are we going to do today Bob?” “The same thing we do every day, Joe. We’re going to try to trip the tourists and steal their ice cream.”

  7. Julie Weatherly says:

    “‘Find a nice little tree’ my mother said. ‘Live in a city park’ my father said. Sometimes a little squirrel has dreams so big, it takes a Grand Canyon to hold them.”

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