Grand Canyon Shuttle Service Extended Five Weeks

The free shuttle bus service connecting the Grand Canyon’s South Rim with the town of Tusayan, Arizona, will operate for five weeks longer in 2016 than in previous years. Instead of the typical operating period of May to September, the buses this year will run from May 7 through October 9. During that period, a bus will leave every 20 minutes from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Tusayan will pay for the extra bus service.

The shuttle service is not only an easy, enjoyable way to get to and from the South Rim, but it also serves the valuable purpose of helping to reduce the vehicle congestion inside Grand Canyon National Park. That congestion can be extremely irritating for visitors who get stuck in it. More and more visitors are discovering the benefits of the shuttle service. Public use of the free buses increased 64% from 2014 (when there were 89,000 boardings) to 2015 (when there were 143,000 boardings).

Grand Canyon National Park had a record 5.6 million visitors in 2015. Those numbers could be even higher this year, as people are attracted to various special events commemorating the centennial of the National Park Service.