Hopi House Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sightseeing: A Spiritual Connection

The deep gorges, towering spires, and massive scale of Grand Canyon have always remained wonders for the mankind. There is a saying that the canyon contains the origin of life and this is where the spirits will finally return. All this makes Grand Canyon sightseeing even more adventurous. To understand the excitement of coming to the border between two worlds, you need to stand on the edge of the vast and wild canyon, and feel the spiritual connection.

Let’s take a look at the greatest touring destinations in Grand Canyon:

Mather Point:

Mather Point Grand Canyon

This wonderful place was named after Stephen Mather, who was the first director of the National Park in Grand Canyon. Visit this place and be enchanted by its natural surroundings. It is a major Canyon destination and is open throughout the year. Being very close to the Great Canyon Village which is a live example of exemplary natural beauty, it offers ease of access.

Yavapai Observation Station:

Yavapai Point Grand Canyon

Presenting a breathtaking Grand Canyon sightseeing experience to all the visitors, this observation station would make you fall in love with it. This place will enchant you with its natural beauty and you’ll have to revisit the canyon to submerge in its glory once again. This station stocks some small exhibits that describe the geological history of the great Grand Canyon. It is located at about one mile from Mather Point.

Attractive Hopi House:

Hopi House Grand Canyon

Hopi House has a mix of both modern and ancient architectures. Entirely built of stone, adobe and wood, this house was designed and built by one of the most popular architects, Mary Elizabeth. You can realize its architectural splendor by the fact that it was declared a national historic landmark in 1987. NPS photo by Michael Quinn.

Tusayan Ruins:

Tusayan Ruin Grand Canyon

These ruins are a treasure for people who love primordial history and are interested in knowing the lifestyle of ancient people. Such structured houses were found for the first time in 1185. The ruins of those days speak a lot about the lifestyle of prehistoric people.

Grand Canyon sightseeing cannot be complete if you don’t visit these prominent locations. For many centuries, poets over the world have tried to incarcerate the beauty of the Grand Canyon in their poems. Photographers and painters have tried to capture the essence of this exquisite landmark. But to get the real feel of the spiritual connection, you have to visit this place.